Tuesday, September 06, 2011

205:6 Evaluation Criteria.

205:6 Evaluation Criteria. The Board shall apply the following criteria in establishing the

substance of any listed educational experience:

(a) Programs given prior approval by the Board on Continuing Legal Education shall

automatically qualify towards establishing an applicant's substantial educational

involvement, so long as they are in the area of certification applied for or are approved for accreditation in ethics/professional responsibility and


[(b) Programs not passed on by the Board shall qualify if presented:

(1) For the purpose of advancing the certified area of practice through

improving practice and procedures or through emphasis on the ethical

obligations of counsel;

(2) By qualified personnel;

(3) By live instructors or with recorded materials supplemented by live

commentators; and

(4) With thorough and well-organized written materials.]

(b) Programs that advance the education and expertise of the attorney in the area of

specialty certification sought will qualify as meeting the educational

requirements of this regulation.

(c) The Board reserves the right to require an applicant to submit additional

information on any program, including but not limited to, copies of the written

materials and a list of the instructors, to determine its applicability to the area of

specialty certification sought.

(d) The Board will review and may approve, on a case by case basis, educational

activities that have not been accredited under the mandatory continuing legal

education program that relate to the applicant’s practice and specialty.