Tuesday, September 06, 2011

(1) Contested actions.

Definitions. For the purpose of meeting the requirements of this Regulation, the

following definitions apply:

(1) Contested actions. To qualify as a "contested action," a matter must be

one in which the trier of fact can only decide the issue or issues presented

and is adversarial in nature, involving charges, claims, issues, or

consequences related to the prosecution of a municipal court summons,

complaint, and/or citation.

(i)The types of matters that will qualify as contested actions are

those that are adjudicable in municipal court, which include: motor

vehicle and traffic violations; disorderly persons, petty disorderly

persons, or other non-indictable offenses; local ordinance

violations; fish, game, and boating violations; penalty collection

proceedings; trial-type hearings in municipal court, including

plenary motions, motions to suppress, and Alcotest; and other

matters authorized by statute or Court Rule to be under the subject

matter jurisdiction of the municipal court.