Tuesday, September 06, 2011

102:3 Operation, Functions.

102:3 Operation, Functions. The Board shall, consistent with the Rules of Court and these

Regulations, establish procedures, publish forms and maintain records as required for the

conduct of the Board's operations and the certification of attorneys. The Board shall function as

an appellate arm for Certification Committee decisions. The Board will be responsible for the

financial and administrative operations of the certification program. The Board will maintain

responsibility for policy; for making recommendations to the Supreme Court in respect of Rule


and Regulation amendments; and on a case by case basis for [accrediting continuing legal

education courses] determining whether courses taken by an attorney, which have been approved

by the Board on Continuing Legal Education for the mandatory continuing legal education

program, shall qualify toward meeting the continuing education requirements related to

certification in a particular specialty. The Board may also determine accreditation , on a case by

case basis, as to whether certain educational activities related to the area of specialty but not

approved under the mandatory continuing legal education program may be considered for

accreditation toward the educational requirements of certification. The Board will delegate to the

Committees the responsibility of preparing and drafting applications and peer reference forms,

preparing, drafting and grading examinations, and reviewing applications for certification and

determining eligibility.