Monday, March 30, 2015

Revisions to 39:6B-2 in 2014 Makes driver's license suspension discretionary for first offense of driving without motor vehicle liability insurance

Revisions to 39:6B-2 in 2014 Makes driver's license suspension discretionary for first offense of driving without motor vehicle liability insurance P.L. 2013, c.237 -
Enacted: January 17, 2014
Effective: January 17, 2014
Area of Law: Municipal

On January 17, 2014, Governor Christie signed A-1844 into law as P.L. 2013, c.237. The new law took effect on January 17, 2014. A copy of the law is attached and is available on the Judiciary Infonet under Legal Reference/Legislation Affecting Courts. Below is a summary of the law.

The new law amends N.J.S.A.39:6B-2 to provide that the one-year driver’s license suspension penalty for a first offense of driving without the required motor vehicle liability insurance coverage may be reduced or eliminated by the court if the person provides satisfactory proof of insurance at the time of the hearing. A person who is convicted for a first offense of operating a motor vehicle without the required motor vehicle liability insurance coverage remains subject to a fine of not less than $300 nor more than $1,000 and a period of community service to be determined by the court.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

39:4-88 Traffic on marked lanes aka unsafe lane change

39:4-88  Traffic on marked lanes aka unsafe lane change  2 points

When a roadway has been divided into clearly marked lanes for traffic, drivers of vehicles shall obey the following regulations:

a.A vehicle shall normally be driven in the lane nearest the right-hand edge or curb of the roadway when that lane is available for travel, except when  overtaking another vehicle or in preparation for a left turn.

b.A vehicle shall be driven as nearly as practicable entirely within a single lane and shall not be moved from that lane until the driver has first ascertained that the movement can be made with safety.

c.Upon a highway which is divided into 3 lanes, a vehicle shall not be driven in the center lane except when overtaking or passing another vehicle or in preparation for a left turn or unless the center lane is at the time allocated for traffic moving in the direction the vehicle is proceeding and is signposted to give notice of that allocation.

d.The State Highway Commissioner may by regulation or local authorities may by resolution or ordinance with respect to highways under their jurisdiction designate right-hand lanes for slow moving traffic and inside lanes for traffic moving at the speed designated for the district as provided under this chapter, and when the lanes are signposted or marked to give notice of the designation a vehicle may be driven in any lane allocated to traffic moving in the direction in which it is proceeding, but when traveling within the inside lanes the vehicle shall be driven at approximately the speed authorized in such lanes and speed shall not be decreased unnecessarily so as to block, hinder or retard traffic.

e.When such roadway had been divided in such a manner that there are three or  more lanes for traffic in any one direction, no truck of 10,000 pounds registered gross weight or over shall be driven in the farthest left-hand lane, except:

(1)when and to the extent necessary to prepare for a left turn; a truck may be driven in the farthest left lane for up to one mile to prepare for a left hand turn as authorized under this paragraph;

(2)when necessary to enter or leave such roadway by entrance or exit to or from the left lane; a truck may be driven in the farthest left lane for up to one mile to prepare to enter or leave the roadway as authorized under this paragraph;

(3)when reasonably necessary in response to emergency conditions; for the purposes of this paragraph, "emergency conditions" shall include, but not be limited to: poor visibility, snow, accidents, or the presence of emergency vehicles.

amended 1951, c.23, s.47; 1968, c.432; 2013, c.86, s.1.

39:4-88.1  Penalties, fines.
2.The penalty for a violation of failing to keep right under R.S.39:4-82 or failure to observe traffic lanes under R.S. 39:4-88 shall be a fine of not less than $100 or more than $300.  In addition to any fine that may be imposed, a surcharge of $50 shall be imposed on each person found guilty of a violation of R.S.39:4-82 or R.S.39:4-88. The State Treasurer shall annually deposit the surcharge into the fund established pursuant to section 3 of P.L.2013, c.86 (C.39:4-88.2).

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

NJ MVC Motor Vehicle Commission Phone numbers

NJ MVC Motor Vehicle Commission Phone numbers
Direct phone numbers* by topic
TopicPhone NumberExtension
Automobile dealer licenses and registrations609.292.65005014
Auto body licensing609.984.96315014
Citizen information609.292.6500 
Commercial driving schools 609.292.65005014
Compulsory insurance and accident reporting609.292.75005081
Driver licenses and registrations   
     Duplicates (lost, stolen)
     Renewal application not received
     Renewal mailed in but not returned


Emergency lights (red, amber, blue)609.292.65005014
Inspection extensions (Out-of-state, armed forces, other)  609.633.9474 
Inspections, vehicle

Insurance certificate filings609.292.75005028
Surcharge Payments888.651.9999 
Surcharge Payments - Spanish – En EspaƱol Llamar888.651.9999
Intoxicated driving programs
     General information
     Out-of-state clients
     IDRC scheduling     
NJ Highway Authority732.442.8600 
NJ Turnpike Authority732.750.5300 
Division of Highway Traffic Safety
(Dept. of Law and Public Safety)
Private Inspection Facilities 609.292.65005014
Registrations and titles
     Duplicate titles
     Corrected titles
     Foreign title section 
     Salvage titles

Suspensions and restorations
     Point system or drunk driving
     Security deposits 
     Probationary driver program
     Driver improvement school
     Uninsured motorist
     Driver reexamination

Please Note: Our Suspensions and Restorations call center is currently experiencing high call volumes, which may result in busy signals. In order to avoid busy signals, please call Tues. through Fri., avoiding the hours of 12:00 to 2:00 PM
Sales tax
(Division of Taxation, Dept. of Treasury)
Unsatisfied claim and judgment fund
(Dept. of Banking and Insurance)
* Or call 888.486.3339 (toll free in New Jersey)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

NJ Points in Motor Vehicle Violations

        NJ Points in Motor Vehicle Violations
       Motor vehicle violations and criminal charges can cost you.  If you plead guilty by mail or in court for almost all traffic tickets, you will have to pay fines in court and will later receive points on your driver’s license. Both the DMV/MVC and your car insurance company will impose surcharges and eligibility points for three years.
Compiled by  the Law Office of Kenneth Vercammen

N.J.A.C. 13:-10.1 Point Assessment
         Any person who is convicted of any of the following offenses, including offenses committed while operating a motorized bicycle, shall be assessed points for each conviction in accordance with the following schedule:

N.J.S.A. Statutory Violation             Description                                                      Points                                                                                                                                                                 
39:4-14.3   Operating motorized bicycle on restricted highway                         2
39:4-14.3d  More than 1 person on a motorized bicycle.                                     2
39:4-35      Failure to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk.                                    2
39:4-36      Failure to yield to pedestrian or passing a vehicle yielding to
                    pedestrian in crosswalk                                                                 2
39:4-41      Driving through safety zone.                                                            2
39:4-52,     Racing on Highway                                                                           5
39:4-55      Improper action or omission on grades and curves                          2
39:4-57      Failure to observe directions of officer.                                         2
39:4-66      Failure to stop before crossing sidewalk                                        2
39:4-66.1   Failure to yield to pedestrians or vehicles while entering or
                    leaving highway                                                                             2
39:4-66.2   Driving on private property to avoid traffic signal or stop sign      2
39:4-71      Improper driving on sidewalk                                                          2
39:4-80      Failure to obey direction of officer                                                 2
39:4-81      Failure to observe traffic signal                                                     2
39:4-82      Failure to keep right                                                                        2
39:4-82.1   Improper operating of vehicle on divided highway or divider           2
39:4-83      Failure to keep right at intersection                                               2
39:4-84      Failure to pass right of vehicle proceeding in opposite direction    5
39:4-85      Improper passing on right or off roadway                                        4
39:4-85.1   Wrong way on one-way street                                                          2
39:4-86      Improper passing, in "No Passing" zone                                            4
39:4-87      Failure to yield to overtake vehicle                                                 2
39:4-88      Failure to observe traffic lanes                                                       2
39:4-89      Tailgating                                                                                        5
39:4-90      Failure to yield at intersection                                                        2
39:4-90.1   Failure to use proper entrances to limited access highway              2
39:4-91,     Failure to yield to emergency vehicle                                              2
39:4-96       Reckless driving                                                                          5
39:4-97      Careless driving                                                                               2
39:4-97a    Destruction of agricultural or recreational property                        2
39:4-97.1   Slow speed blocking traffic                                                             2
39:4-98 or  Speeding up to 14 mph above limit                                             2                                             
39:4-99      Speeding 15-29 mph above limit                                                      4
                   Speeding 30 mph or more above limit                                              5
39:4-105    Failure to stop at traffic light                                                         2
39:4-115    Improper turn at traffic light                                                          3
39:4-119    Failure to stop at flashing red signal                                               2
39:4-122    Failure to stop for police whistle                                                    2
39:4-123    Improper right or left turn                                                               3
39:4-124    Improper turn: from approved turning course                                   3
39:4-125    Improper u-turn                                                                               3
39:4-126    Failure to give proper signal                                                            2
39:4-127    Improper backing or turn in street                                                   2
39:4-127.1 Improper crossing of railroad grade crossing                                     2     
39:4-127.2 Improper crossing of bridge                                 2         
39:4-128    Improper crossing of railroad grade                           2
39:4-128.1 Improper passing of school bus                                                        5
39:4-128.4 Improper passing of frozen dessert truck                                        4
39:4-129    Leaving scene of accident- No injuries                                            2
39:4-129    Personal Injury                                                                                8
39:4-144    Failure to observe of stop or yield signs                                         2
39:5D-4      Moving violation out-of-state                                                          2

27:23-29    Moving against traffic-NJ Turnpike., Garden State Pkwy. and
                   Atlantic City Expressway                                                                2
27:23-29    Improper passing-NJ Tpke., Garden State Pkwy. and Atlantic City
                    Expressway                                                                                    4
27:23-29    Unlawful use of median strip-NJ Tpke., Garden State Pkwy. and
                   Atlantic City Expressway                                                                2
39:3-20      Operating Constructor vehicle in excess of 30 mph                         3

         DWI, Driving While Suspended, No insurance, unlicensed driver and other violations also have both MVC/DMV surcharges and car insurance surcharges/ increases. More details at