Tuesday, September 06, 2011

103:1 Appointment; Membership.

REGULATION 103. Certification Committees

103:1 Appointment; Membership. The Court shall appoint Certification Committees to assist

the Board in the consideration of applications for certification. Members shall be practicing

attorneys or retired Judges or Justices. They shall serve for three-year terms and shall be eligible

for reappointment for three successive terms. In establishing the Committees, the Supreme

Court may appoint some members to an initial term of less than three years. The following

Committees are hereby established, with the number of members noted:


a. Committee on Civil Trial Law (no more than 7 members);

b. Committee on Criminal Trial Law (no more than 3 members);

c. Committee on Matrimonial Law (no more than 9 members); [and]

d. Committee on Workers' Compensation Law (no more than 5 members); and

e. Committee on Municipal Court Law (no more than 9 members).

The Chair of each Certification Committee shall serve on the Board of Attorney Certification [,

ex officio]. Certification Committee members need not be certified in a designated area of

practice to qualify for appointment.