Sunday, May 18, 2014

Court rule 7:14-3. Court Calendar

7:14-3. Court Calendar

  • (a) Court Calendar. At each court session, to the extent possible the court shall give priority to attorney matters that are summary in nature. Other cases should be called in the following order, subject to the court’s discretion:
    • (1) requests for adjournments;
    • (2) guilty pleas and first appearances;
    • (3) pretrial conferences;
    • (4) uncontested motions;
    • (5) contested matters with attorneys;
    • (6) noncompliance with time payment issues;
    • (7) contested matters without attorneys;
    • (8) matters to be placed on the record.
  • (b) Scheduling of Cases. Courts shall stagger the scheduling of cases, where necessary, in order to limit inconvenience to all parties.