Sunday, May 18, 2014

Court rule 7:14-1. Opening Statement

7:14-1. Opening Statement

  • (a) Required Opening Statement. The judge shall give an opening statement prior to the commencement of the court session concerning court procedures and rights of defendants. This statement shall not, however, be a substitute for the judge advising individual defendants of their rights prior to their respective hearings.
  • (b) Notice to Defendant on Guilty Plea. Before accepting a plea of guilty to a traffic offense, other than a parking offense, and as part of the opening statement, the court shall inform the defendant that a record of the conviction will be sent to the Director of the Division of Motor Vehicles of this State or the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles of the state issuing defendant's license to drive, to become a part of the defendant's driving record.
  • (c) Notification of Right to Appeal. Regardless of whether the defendant pleads guilty or is found guilty after a trial, the court, as part of the opening statement, shall advise each defendant of the right to appeal and, if indigent, of the right to appeal as an indigent.