Friday, October 30, 2015

Robertson DL suspension should not be stayed after conviction unless fin...

DL suspension should not be stayed after conviction unless findings of fact.  State v Robertson 438 N.J.Super.47 (App. Div. 2014)
 In this appeal from a DWI conviction, the court rejects defendant's argument that the Alcotest results should have been excluded because he was denied discovery of certain repair records, which were created by the Alcotest's manufacturer, and certain downloaded data, which the State routinely erases. The court concludes the records were not discoverable under Rule 7:7-7, nor did they constitute Brady material.
 The court also addressed the unexplained decisions of both the municipal court and the Law Division to stay defendant's license suspension pending appeal. The court instructs trial courts that any stay of a license suspension after a DWI conviction should be supported by adequate findings of fact and conclusions of law, and should comply with standards governing the grant of a stay pending appeal set forth in Garden State Equality v. Doe, 216 N.J. 314, 320 (2013).