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New book: Handling Drug DWI and Serious Motor Vehicle Cases in Municipal Court

New book: Handling Drug DWI and Serious Motor Vehicle Cases in Municipal Court

Speakers: Kenneth Vercammen, Esq., Past Municipal Court Attorney of the Year
     William G. Brigiani, Esq., Past President Middlesex County Bar
     John Menzel, Esq., Past Chair Municipal Court Section
     Norma M. Murgado, Esq., Chief Prosecutor- Elizabeth
                    Assistant Prosecutor-Woodbridge
     Joshua H. Reinitz, Esq., Vice Chair Municipal Court Section

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Table of Contents

Letters, Motions/Briefs, Articles/Research
Kenneth A. Vercammen, Esq.                                                             1

         01 Municipal Court Questionnaire                                              1
         02 Retainer – Municipal Court                                                   5
         03 Request for Complete Discovery                                          8
         04 Letter of Representation Only                                             9
         05 Discovery Request – Alcotest 7110                                   11
         06 Discovery Request – Driving While Suspended                     19
         07 Speeding Law and Discovery                                              23
         08 Discovery Request to MVC                                                 31
         09 Discovery – Complainant                                                    35
         10 OPRA – Field Sobriety – Chief of Police                               39
         11 OPRA – Required Officer Training                                       46
         12 CDS Motions                                                                      47
         13 DWI Motions                                                                      51
         14 Motion to Reduce Bail                                                        57
         15 Letter to Client re:  Reading Discovery from Prosecution   65
         16 Reciprocal Discovery to Prosecution                                  66
         17 Notice of Specific Criminal Code Defenses                         67
         18 Letter to Client re:  Reading and Signing Affidavit              68
         19 Second Request for Discovery – Missing Abstract              69
         20 Letter to Client re:  DWI Expert                                         70
         21 Letter to Client re:  Hearing                                              71
         22 Letter to Client re:  Deadline and Attorney Fee for Appeal 73
         23 Letter to Client re:  No Show in Court                                76
         24 Suppression Motion                                                           77
         25 Suppress Statements:  Violation of Miranda Rights            78
         26 Dismissal Motion re:  Failure to Provide Discovery              79
         27 Motion for Conditional Discharge                                        84
         28 Motion for Civil Reservation                                               85
         29 Objection to Lab Certificate                                               87
         30 Motion for SLAP                                                                89
         31 Order to Mark Case Try or Dismiss                                    90
         32 Order to Compel Discovery                                                91
         33 Order to Be Relieved as Counsel                                         92
         34 Constructive Possession of Drugs in a Criminal Case          93
         35 Court Cannot Handle Discovery                                          95
         36 Motion for No Loss of Driver’s License Suspension             99
         37 Motion re:  Failure to Give Defendant Copy of AIR             101
         38 Motion to Provide Expert at Public Expense                      115
         39 Fines and Restitutions                                                     123
         40 Top 25 Cases Affecting Municipal Court                           131
         41 Defending a Juvenile Delinquency Case                             141
         42 Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI)                                 147
         Letter re:  No Show in Court                                                 150
         Expungement/Erase Criminal Charges                                   151
         Plea by Mail                                                                          152
         Certification for Application for Appointment as Private Prosecutor
          (Storm)                                                                              153
         Letter Thanking Witness                                                      155
         Client’s Sentencing and Duties                                              156
         Post Conviction Motion to Vacate Guilty Plea                        157
         Additional Discovery Brief                                                    167
         Brief to Suppress Blood Sample and Objection to Lab Report 171
         Certification in Support of Motion to Be Relieved                   185
         Notice of Appeal                                                                   187
         Miranda Brief in Support of Motion to Suppress Statements  189
         Miranda Law Person is Subject to…                                      193
         2nd Request for Hearing                                                        197 
         Failure to Timely Prosecute                                                  199
         Minimum and Maximum Fines – MV Offenses                          203
         Points in Motor Vehicle Violations                                         251
         “Pre-Trial Intervention to Dismiss Criminal Charges”            253
         “Defending a Juvenile Delinquency Case”                               255
         Appeals from Municipal Court Convictions                             257
         DWI Cross Examination Questions                                         263
         Hearsay Not Admissible at Trial in Municipal Court Based on
          Crawford Decision                                                               267
         Criminal Law Committee Newsletter                                      275
         Pamphlet, “Your Rights in Municipal Court”                           287
         Be Not Guilty                                                                        289
         Criminal Indictable and Disorderly Offense Penalties              293
         Minimum Mandatory Fines and Penalties Relating to Selected      
          Motor Vehicle Offenses                                                       295
         “Speeding and Radar”                                                           313
         “Suspended Licenses:  Don’t Be Caught Off Guard as a Defense
          Attorney”                                                                           315
         “Defense to Possession of Drugs and Controlled Substances” 317
         “Driving Without Insurance Defenses”                                  319
         Preparation for the Municipal Court Case                              321
         “Plead Guilty? Nah, Defend DWI Charges!”                             331
         Memo re:  Attorney General Guideline:  Prosecution of DWI &
          Refusal Violations                                                               333
         Court Code Listing – MVC                                                      359
         No Point Violations                                                               363
         Crash Accident Report Abbreviations                                   365
         “Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Training for Attorneys”              373
         Notice of Appeal                                                                   375
         New Law Finally Establishes a Conditional Dismissal Program
          in Municipal Court                                                                377
         Brief in Support of Motion to Dismiss Refusal                       383
         Notice of Motion to Compel the Prosecutor to Fingerprint and DNA
          Test Evidence Seized                                                           385
         Certification to Compel the Prosecutor to Fingerprint and DNA Test
          Evidence Seized                                                                   387
         Order                                                                                   388
         Letter re:  No Representation                                               389
         Certification of Victim                                                         391
         Letter re:  Summons/Criminal Statutes                                393
         Letter re:  Additional Fees & Appointment                            395
         Letter re:  Letters of Reference/Pre-Sentence Report         397
         Letter Requesting Hearing Notice                                         398
         Request to Adjourn so Defendant Can Retain Attorney          399
         Scientific and Medical Tests—Blood and Urine Documents
          Requested                                                                           401
         Letter re:  Arrest Stop Video to Client                                 403
         Recommend DWI Expert to Client                                          405
         Bill for Professional Services Rendered                                 407
         Objection to Alcotest Results Where No Expert Testimony Provided       409
         What Your Attorney Can Do For You                                      411
         Criminal – Flat Fee – Agreement to Provide Legal Service      415
         Field Sobriety Records Request and OPRA Request                419
         Request for Blood/Urine Discovery                                       423
         Letter re:  Recommend Substance Abuse Treatment & Inpatient 427
         Letter re:  Old Records                                                         429
         N.J. Municipal Court Law Review, Fall 2014                            431

Additional Vercammen Information  [See “Vercammen” on CD]
                “Articles/Forms/NJ Municipal Law Review Articles”

John Menzel, Esq.                                                                          435

         Discovery Order (Alcotest)                                                   435
         Discovery Order (Blood/DRE)                                                445 
         Client Fee Agreement                                                           451
         First Contact With Prospective Clients                                 453
         Client Interview Form                                                           455 
         Client Questionnaire                                                             475
         Letter to Insurance Company                                               499

Additional Menzel Material on CD: 
         Chun material                               [see “Menzel/Chun” on CD]
           02-13-07 Special Master’s Report
           11-08-07 Special Master’s Report
           03-17-08 State v. Chun
           09-13-13 M-1538, 1539, 1540
Driving While Refused, Suspended, Revoked
or Prohibited:  N.J.S.A. 39:3-40
PowerPoint Presentation
Damian A. Scialabba, Esq.                                                              501
About the Panelists…                                                                   511

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