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Defenses to Traffic Tickets ABA Author Criminal Law Kenneth Vercammen Esq. Edison, NJ 732-572-0500

Defenses to Traffic Tickets ABA Author Criminal Law Kenneth Vercammen Esq. Edison, NJ 732-572-0500

2053 Woodbridge Ave. Edison, NJ 08817
 Defenses to Traffic Tickets  
 Our office helps people with traffic/ municipal court tickets.  We provide representation on  most Central New Jersey traffic cases.  Motor vehicle violations and criminal charges can cost you.  If you plead guilty by mail or in court for almost all traffic tickets, you will have to pay fines in court and will later receive points on your drivers license.  Both the DMV and your car insurance company will impose surcharges and eligibility points for three years.

         Under the New Jersey Court Rules, a New Jersey  Attorney can negotiate with the Municipal Court Prosecutor to attempt to reduce points.

 An accumulation of too many points, or certain moving violations may require you to pay expensive surcharges to the N.J. Division of Motor Vehicles or have your license suspended.  Don't give up!   We can appear in court for you on most Central New Jersey   traffic violations.

  Please call us immediately if you need experienced legal representation in a traffic/municipal court matter. We also provide representation in DWI, Criminal and other serious court matters.  Kenneth Vercammen, Esq. Former Prosecutor for the Cranbury Municipal Court from 1991-1999, and Author "Municipal Court Winning Strategies."

     The Law Office of Kenneth Vercammen and Associates will provide all potential clients with : 1. Our Written Agreement to Provide Municipal Court Legal Services  2.  Municipal Court Information Sheet

  We request all potential clients fill out the Municipal Court Information Sheet. You also need to bring in, or fax or mail us: 1. Copies of the ticket and any hearing notice. 2. A check or money order. You can also pay by Visa, Master Charge or American Express over the phone and by fax. You should keep the Agreement to Provide Legal Services for your records. Once we receive the fee paid we will prepare a Letter of Representation to the Court, Prosecutor and you. We  recommend our clients meet with us once prior to the court date.

   Representation/ What We will do for you.  We will review and research necessary statutes and caselaw,  contact the prosecutor, prepare defenses and determine mitigating factors.

    Other Legal Services.  You and the Law Firm may make additional agreements to provide for legal services not covered by the Agreement. Without such agreements, the Law Firm is not required to do any additional work or any of the following:  (a)  Provide any legal services after the decision of the trial court;  (b) Appeal any decisions of the trial court or make additional appearances    after appearing in Court;  (c)  provide other legal services or advice not set forth above; or  (d)  Represent you in any other court or Tribunal

     Your Responsibility- Please read carefully and follow instructions to help us help you

1. You must fully cooperate with the Law Firm and provide all information relevant to the issues involved in this matter. This includes providing details on what you told the police and court.
2 You must notify the court and the law office immediately if your address or phone numbers change.
3 Under the NJ Rules of Professional Conduct and Court Rules, we cannot send a letter of representation to the court until the Retainer is paid. All fees and requirements under this written retainer agreement and any other written documents must be complied with. Failure to comply with all requirements shall permit the law office to withdraw its offer of representation. The Law Firm will also withdraw at your request. You must advise our office and the Court in writing.
4. Pay your fines immediately.
5. If you call, you must provide your questions to our receptionist.

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